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The Thoughtless Design of Everyday Things presents 70 design lessons, most of them grouped under one of the 9 design principles presented in the book. Those lessons are collected in the book's Appendix, and you can also download them here:

Download Design Lessons Summary

The book contains 166 examples of thoughtlessly designed products, along with 47 examples of particularly thoughtfully designed products. But there are always more examples! People frequently share with me their own experiences regarding frustrating, disappointing software applications and physical products. Some of these additional examples are collected here:

Download Additional Design Examples

I'll be adding new content to this collection periodically. If you have examples of your own to share for potential inclusion, please submit them using here.

Many people have created websites with amusing—and cautionary—examples of poor design. Here are some of them:

It's fun to laugh at these design failures, but let's also think about what led to the problem, which design principles are being violated, which design lessons apply, and how each design could have been executed better.